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Tooling for Composite Manufacturing
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Repair & Protection Solutions
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Spintech is led by an experienced team of executives.

Patrick J. Hood, PH.D., CEO

Dr. Hood started Spintech LLC and also created CRG in 1997, growing the company at a 40% compounded annual growth rate

patrick hood

Craig Jennings, President

Mr. Jennings was integral to the formation of Spintech LLC and was previously involved in three startup technology companies in sales and marketing and executive leadership positions, serving as President at Motoman, Inc. from 1997 through 2008. At Motoman, Mr. Jennings helped lead the company from a startup to over $165 million in annual revenue.

Craig Headshot

Ernie Havens, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Havens has intimate knowledge of CRG technologies and was with CRG for over 10 years in positions such as Vice President of Business Development and Chief Engineer.

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